Grandma 81 yrs old

Yesterday my grandmother turned 81 and in the first place I had no clue what to buy for her. She has about everything, then I realised she has this old rocking chair standing in the corner unused, I asked her quiet a while ago why she never sat in that chair and she told me, that wooden thing is not really comfortable with my old bones. So the choice was pretty easy, what she needed was a rocking chair cushion. So I bought it for her at Amazon and it was quicly delivered and I've never seen grandma that happy :)

Hi, just wanted to make you aware of my site about roadtax

Unfortunatly this site is in dutch so for many people reading this blog it won't be very usefull. But for all the people from Holland it's certainly interesting. You can easily calculate your road tax and recently we updated our page to calculate your car insurance. Or in Holland we would say: Je kan hier je autoverzekering berekenen or je wegenbelasting berekenen

Hope you'll enjoy it and till next time!

Welcome to my new blog

Hi guys and girls,

Welcome to my new blog. I'll try to make regular updates here of what's going on in my life. I'll keep this first post short cause I just bought a software called fresh store builder. After I read a review about Fresh store builder here I was just sold. So as you can imagine I'm playing around with the software now to build an Amazon affiliate shop.

Wish me luck!